Wraps & Sandwiches

sandwich on whole wheat or pita bread for wrap with lettuce, tomato, mayo or tahini sauce, chips & pickle

Turkey & Cheese
Veggie & Cheese
with cucumber, green pepper & onion
Chicken Gyro
grilled and sliced marinated chicken
deep fried patty made from groud fava beans & chickpeas
Hummus & Tabouli
Lamb Gyro
grilled & sliced marinated lamb

Café Special Medley Wraps

falafel, hummus & tabouli
Parthenon Gyro
chicken with hummus &/or tabouli
Black & White
black beans, fried cabbage w/ hummus
chicken or lamb, organic spinach & hummus w/ farmer's cheese
Petra Gyro
lamb with hummus &/or tabouli

*vegetarian items in green